Keyboard Shortcuts 1.2
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Keyboard Shortcuts 1.2

Free Assign your own shortcuts to different system actions or action sequences
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Goheer Keyboard Shortcuts is a light and easy-to-use software application created to allow you to assign key combinations (also known as "shortcuts") to certain Windows actions or action sequences. When the program is running, all the active shortcuts you have defined are available, permitting you carry out frequent tasks quicker, and save a lot of time.

The program's interface consists of a simple and intuitive window, where you can see a list of all the defined shortcuts. This window allows you to add new shortcuts and modify or delete any of the existing ones. When creating a new shortcut, you may set a title and a description for it, besides defining the key combination itself. For this definition in turn you may select up to three key modifiers (Alt, Ctrl, Shift, or Win special key), plus the key itself. Unfortunately, the program is not able to capture key combinations when pressed directly on the keyboard.

Once you have defined your new shortcut, the next step is assigning an action or action sequence to it. Those actions can be of any of three types - Run URL, Run File, or System Command. For the first two, you are allowed to choose the URL of file to run (e.g., iexplore.exe or calc.exe), the optional parameters it might require (e.g., to open the URL using Internet Explorer), and what folder to consider as the starting point. On the other hand, the "System Command" options allow you to choose from a wide variety of system actions, like shutting down, re-starting, logging off (all of them either forcibly or displaying their respective dialogs), minimizing all open windows, turning the system volume up or down, and opening common system folders or control panel elements, among many others.

Finally, you can add several actions for a single shortcut, and choose whether to run them sequentially or not. This program very adequately carries out the task it promises, and besides that, it is completely free.

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  • Free
  • Light
  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive


  • Does not capture key combinations when pressed directly on the keyboard


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